Coal proves its worth while Rudd tilts at turbines

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Kevin Rudd breezed into the Sky News studio in Canberra last week to decry the lack of “deep, strong, committed national leadership” since the electorate’s foolish ­decision to turf him out of office.

It was “nuts” to remove the carbon tax, he said.

“Where we are now can be summed up in three words: dumb, dumb, dumb.”

Australia’s energy market could be dumber still if Labor wins office …


Classroom focus shifts to life skills

Original article by Stefanie Balogh in The Australian

Senior students will be better prepared for work and further study under curriculum changes in NSW that lead the nation by ­improving writing skills, financial literacy, teaching how Western civilisation was shaped, and highlighting Robert Menzies’ place in Australia’s history.

The curriculum overhaul, the first in two decades, will “correct’’ the existing emphasis on studying a breadth of …


How Australia can prove we are not the 'white trash' of Asia

Original article by Harold Mitchell in The Sydney Morning Herald

I know how Jules Verne must have felt. My recent trip to New York plus three days in Israel and two more in London was a fascinating circumnavigation but thanks to Qantas and the LLJets I did it quicker than 80 days in a balloon.

However, on return, I refuse to be demoralised, despite much of the world leaping ahead of us in crucial areas of economic policy. The highly competitive tax rates in the …


Andrew Bragg: Unions keep super power to gild their own future

MRC Policy Director Andrew Bragg writes in The Daily Telegraph: 

Superannuation is compulsory in Australia, so you’d expect super funds to be held to the highest standards of governance, care and transparency.

Yet things are crook. Rampant governance failures exist in super funds where union power and kickbacks come before nest eggs. Payments to unions and squabbles over union board positions is enriching unions at the expense of workers, savers and retirees.

The …


National Security Network Forum with the Hon Christopher Pyne MP | Speech



"Ready, Set, Launch: Propelling defence materiel to global markets"

Parliament House, Canberra

14 February 2017  

Speech by Minister for Defence Industry, The Hon Christopher Pyne MP at a recent National Security Network event held by the Menzies Research Centre: 

**Check against delivery**

It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity this afternoon to address the Menzies Research Centre – an institution with a …


Author Andrew Bragg says Australia needs to fight back against trade protectionism

Original article by ABC's Senior Business Correspondent Peter Ryan  

As Donald Trump's protectionist policies continue to ratchet up global nerves, the Australian Government is being urged to seek trade deals that don't rely on the United States.

Andrew Bragg, the director of policy and research at the Liberal Party-aligned Menzies Research Centre, says Australia needs to fight back against protectionism and find other trade deals to counter Mr Trump's …


Trump turmoil may leave Australia 'flat-footed' on trade warns Menzies thinktank

Original article by Jacob Greber in the Australian Financial Review

Australia needs to fight back against creeping protectionism and accelerate trade deals particularly for services exports to avoid being wrong-footed by US President Donald Trump, commentator Andrew Bragg has argued in a major essay for the Menzies Research Centre.

With the Trans Pacific Partnership, which Australia is a member of, unravelling following Mr Trump's withdrawal from the …


Third world beckons as Weatherill plays the fool

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

It would be wrong to give Mike Rann and Jay Weatherill all the credit for turning South Australia into wackadoodle windmill world. We should recognise the contribution of those who egged the premiers on, like Al Gore, auteur of An Inconvenient Truth. When it came to showing leadership on renewable energy, said Gore, South Australia was “one of best examples of any state in the entire world”.


PM Malcolm Turnbull launches Fit for Service



Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's remarks at the launch RG Menzies Essay No 5, Fit For Service, by Andrew Bragg.

8 February 2017

 It could not be more timely, as around the world people question the benefits of free trade and open markets.

It is one thing to debate how these benefits are distributed and what we can do, and we are keenly focused on this to ensure that all Australians share in the resulting prosperity.

We are …


The day Labor changed forever

It is 50 years this month since the Left's quiet revolution

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes:


Fifty years ago today Gough Whitlam became the first openly intellectual leader of the Australian Labor Party.

The true significance of the peaceful revolution of February 8, 1967 is downplayed in official ALP history where the myth of constant purpose prevails. Yet the caucus vote that chose the socially liberal Whitlam to succeed the socially conservative Arthur Calwell marked a decisive victory for the new Left over the …


Labor trades the future for the past

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

It is more than nine years since Kevin Rudd emerged from a meeting with European Commission president Jose Barroso to announce the Doha international trade agreement was “doable”. Like most of Rudd’s doable projects, little has been heard of it since.

Doha, that interminable round of multilateral navel gazing, had been running for six years when Rudd became prime minister. ­Audaciously Doha limps …


Bill Shorten talks up the ‘fair go’ but his policies betray real workers

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Bill Shorten has a plan for jobs. Not just any old jobs, well-paid jobs. New jobs, green jobs, jobs of the future, the ones that come from renewable energy. Jobs with generous penalty rates, jobs that are protected from the incursion of foreign labour.

Jobs created by government “investment in human capital”, which is another way of justifying ill-targeted spending on education and training.

It is hard …


Andrew Bragg: ‘We must remain committed to free trade’

MRC Director of Policy and Research Andrew Bragg writes in The Daily Telegraph:

AUSTRALIA is a trading nation. As President Donald Trump ­removes the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, we must ­remain committed to free trade.

Free trade fuels Australian jobs and families, gives us better products and underwrites the budget. Free and open markets allow Australians to export beyond our small domestic market. Our economy would be 25 per …


Too many caught up in cycle of the sorry business

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

The meat industry’s spirited attempt to persuade Australians to unite around a plate of lamb has come unstuck. Meat and Livestock Australia’s annual Australia Day campaign has ditched Sam Kekovich’s familiar rants against the long-haired tofu-munchers and the anti-Australianism that has infected our national day.

Instead, they’ve gone for diversity and inclusion. Never mind terra nullius; surely we …

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