The Shepherd Review: Statement of National Challenges

  • This statement of national challenges is the rst stage of the Shepherd Review commissioned by the Menzies Research Centre. Its task is to identify the obstacles in the path of national progress and to outline a range of scenarios as the nation approaches the third decade of the 21st century.


    Before looking for solutions, we must rst articulate the problem to be solved. Policy makers who overlook this imperative, struggle to win a popular mandate to translate policy into action. A clear de nition of the challenge encourages clarity of thinking in policy design and helps build a consensus for change.


    It is clear that in an age of market disruption and increasing competition between nations for economic opportunities, Australia cannot stand still.

    Australia has bene ted from an extended period of strong economic growth and wealth generation. This has contributed to the country’s high levels of prosperity, equality and standard of living. While we remain in control of our destiny, Australia must capitalise on new wealth generating opportunities and avoid complacency. Failure to do so will reduce Australia’s performance over the medium to long term and reduce options for economic growth and prosperity into the future.


    The Review Panel, led by MRC Director Tony Shepherd AO and supported by Secretariat Head Andrew Bragg is working with small, medium and large business and the wider community to develop a credible, fact based process.


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