Guarding your nest egg - Spiro Premetis on 2GB with Warren Moore

Industry superannuation funds are frequently reminding us that they achieve better returns than their retail counterparts, but how do they do it? Menzies Research Centre Director of Policy Spiro Premetis explains on 2GB radio that the comparison between the two types of funds is actually comparing apples with oranges. “It’s not surprising that the returns are different,” he says. Premetis also explains some of the flaws in the industry, which now manages more than $2 …


Commission of Audit boss creating new blueprint of tax, energy and federal reform for Turnbull

Original article by James Massola in The Sydney Morning Herald:

The architect of Tony Abbott's controversial Commission of Audit has teamed up with a Liberal-leaning think tank to create a "blueprint for good government" for Malcolm Turnbull ahead of the next election.

But more than three years after his 2014 audit, which sank like a stone politically and helped to take the 2014 budget with it, Tony Shepherd is promising practical solutions that …


Industry super funds 'cashed-up activists’

Original article by Brad Norington in The Australian:

The Liberal Party has escalated a campaign against the nation’s industr­y superannuation funds, claiming its analysis of $50 million paid to unions over a decade provides evidence of “brazen” political backing.

The Liberals’ acting federal direct­or, Andrew Bragg, told The Australian he regarded industry super funds as “cashed-up activists” such as GetUp!, because …


Companies urged to take the fight to social media activists

Original article by Glenda Korporaal in The Australian:

Australian business must learn how to fight back against social activist groups such as GetUp and the Stop Adani coalmine groups, Menzies Institute’s ­Enterprise Policy Unit director Andrew Bragg said yesterday.

“The anti-business forces are becoming increasingly adept at creating campaign organisations,” Mr Bragg told The Australian after anti-coalmining activists disrupted Westpac’s 200th …


Robb tells business to gets its act together

Original article by Jennifer Hewitt in the Australian Financial Review:

Andrew Robb is clearly not content to have his later career defined as the Federal minister who negotiated three momentous trade deals with China, Korea and Japan.

He wants to see those trade deals deliver on their potential. And right now, he's sounding rather impatient at how long it is taking most Australian businesses to take advantage of those deals – particularly in the services sector.

He …


Andrew Bragg: A company tax will fuel growth, jobs

Andrew Bragg writes in The Herald Sun:

AUSTRALIA’S Senate can stop us hurtling towards a poorer ­future as it votes on legislation to cut our company tax rate from 30 to 25 per cent by 2025.

There are three reasons the cut must go to all companies in full.

First, “big business” is a myth and all companies should get a tax cut as companies are owned by people. It is not a “give way to big banks and foreigners” as the Opposition Leader says.

In …


Shepherd Review: we’re spending like there’s no tomorrow

Tony Shepherd and Geoffrey Winters writes in The Australian:

Future generations of Australians will pay the price for today’s political inaction if we do not take a close look at our settings and prioritise a sustainable future for all over entitlement for the few.

If we do not take action it will be the most vulnerable people in our society who suffer the most, and we would have failed to live up to the promise of a fair and just society that protects and lifts up the …


There is no time for populism in Australia

Tony Shepherd and Andrew Bragg writes in the  Australian Financial Review:

Australia's history is replete with good and bad examples of how to run public policy.

We have tried protectionism, we have tried state ownership, we have tried high taxes and centrally set wages and conditions.

Today we must choose again between good and bad.

The Senate is now a significant arbiter of policy. It is increasingly unpredictable and at times is driven by short-term …


Tony Shepherd confronts our political failure

Original article from the Australian Financial Review:

The Shepherd Review, led by former Business Council of Australia president Tony Shepherd rightly casts the net more widely than the ill-fated 2014 National Commission of Audit he chaired for the Abbott government. The audit commission focused on the scope and efficiency of the federal government as part of its plan to get on top Labor's legacy of budget deficits. In contrast, the Shepherd Review is cast as a …


Abbott auditor renews attack on welfare and debt

Original article by Tom Minear in the Herald Sun

WELFARE payments must be slashed and simplified and the nation’s debt needs to be paid back, according to the man who spearheaded a savage audit for former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Prominent businessman Tony Shepherd will today release a “statement of national challenges”, produced by the Menzies Research Centre, on why Australians are “struggling to get ahead”.

The report follows Mr Shepherd’s work on the …


Challenges Facing The Nation

MRC Director and Chairman of the Shepherd Review Tony Shepherd AO spoke with Ben Fordham on 2GB today on what we need to do to face the nation's challenges.

Listen below:


Australia's 'forgotten people' falling behind

Original article by AAP via Sky News online

Australia's 'forgotten people' are failing to benefit from the nation's economic growth and risk falling further behind if drastic action isn't taken, a new report warns.

Prominent businessman Tony Shepherd is spearheading a review into shoring up Australia's future through incentivising taxes, accountable government, affordable energy, open trade and an imaginative and creative market.

'Change can only be achieved if the …

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